Sunday, December 13, 2009


i write this posting to say my thanks to firework inventor

Jakarta, 19 September 2009.
18.05 finally boarding call for lion air destination jogjakarta sounded. Its been late from schedule16.30. I know waiting is boring, but the system, service, facility..oooh makes me hectic. I've been tired to wait all day long, stuck at SoeTa Airport CGK since 1 pm. But the worse, queue and inconvenient place at terminal 1 CGK. Grumbled, I wait 16.00 until 19.oo at waiting room, and do another waiting on the cabin.
19.30 this iron bird just left the airport, flying anticipate for Idul Fitri in the morning.

I'll celebrate this holly moment with my family.

and tired to wait at waiting room, and even at cabin i have to do another waiting, oooh dear...
but all those travelsomnia suddenly forgotten when i saw nite city view from the sky above. Series of light from cars, billboards, buildings, city lamps create unsimetric glowing. Very relieving.
Little bit late to be noticed, a kind of circle light showering the night. Yes, its a firework. Like a child, i try to search the firework from the crowded enthusiatically. Forget about all the hectics i got in the airport, focus on my own fantasy about the beautiful of firework. Im hypnotized, then fall a sleep.
Open my eyes and consious, pilot warn about safety belt, we will arrive.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

message to you

How many word, time, feeling we’ve share…

Still can’t heal this yearning

Yes, distance and physical matter take us apart

Tonight, I share this accumulated point..

I wish you listen when i whispering my longing

Just be there, to be with me…

And I will send you message: “Adek kangen banget ma aa’..” I miss you so hunny

........ hoping your reply..............

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Mungkin memang bukan blogger yang baik, kurang update gituuh dengan perkembangan dunia penulisan blog. Disaat ada nya "hajatan" insan blog Indonesia di pb2009, eh malah aku absen.. ah lain kali gak boleh absen!! pengen juga menimba ilmu dari "dedengkot2" blog Tanah Air.
Pesta Blogger 2009: One Spirit One Nation

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

new spirit

Visiting negeri –senja inspire me to write on my blog. It reminds me when I start to read blog, fall in love, then write on my own. Some people now call it blogsphere, as the substitution to our atmosphere. No wonder blog is as comfort as our earth. Remember that I ever had inspiration on a blog, owned by atta’s Chinese friend, Alex. I copy one of his postings on this page, told bout egalitarian. Having blog just like having your own room, space, home, or whatever yours. And you can welcome your friend for visiting, feels nice…

U can imagine this :

Atta, indah sekali menikmati senja dengan secangkir kopi dari gazebo dipinggir sungai itu cuma senja..tidak ada hujan dan gerimis..

Thanks to all bloggers that I’ve visited to, keep on blogging.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Merdeka: Indonesia 64 tahun #IndonesiaUnite

Insisted to write this posting when watched Discovery channel this morning, found that this channel have special program for Malaysian independence day,called merdeka. Really unacceptable for me when they try to use this term, tough i believe malaysian know the meaning, but they never use this term for their independence day (or may be im the one that dunno bout it). Sooo I decide to support my country 64th independence day: 17 August , Merdeka!! (meaning: independence,freedom)
Just few weeks ago, Jakarta bombed (again) at famous public facility (JW Marriot hotel and Ritz Carlton hotel). Its an unforgiven crime for whatever reasons. Realizing the impact and purpose of that bombing, I join #IndonesiaUnite on my twitter network to spread the indonesian citizen spirit to all over the world, that "KAMI TIDAK TAKUT" (we are not affraid) to those bloody people. This bombing purposed to spread fear among Indonesian and otherz to live in Indonesia. But thats not gonna happen man.
So, happy independence day, Merdeka Indonesia!!

Déjà vu

Following article summarized from Wikipedia , i put this subject since I quite often have this symptom and ever discussed this topic with Aa' (he has experience with this)

Déjà vu: "already seen"; also called paramnesia or promnesia, is the experience of feeling sure that one has witnessed or experienced a new situation previously (an individual feels as though an event has already happened or has happened in the near past), although the exact circumstances of the previous encounter are uncertain. The term was coined by a French psychic researcher, Émile Boirac. The experience of déjà vu is usually accompanied by a compelling sense of familiarity, and also a sense of "eeriness," "strangeness," or "weirdness." The "previous" experience is most frequently attributed to a dream, although in some cases there is a firm sense that the experience "genuinely happened" in the past.

The experience of déjà vu seems to be quite common among adults and children alike. References to the experience of déjà vu are also found in literature of the past,indicating it is not a new phenomenon. It has been extremely difficult to evoke the déjà vu experience in laboratory settings, therefore making it a subject of few empirical studies. Recently, researchers have found ways to recreate this sensation using hypnosis.

Scientific research on déjà vu:

Since the last years of the 20th century, déjà vu has been subject to serious psychological and neurophysiological research. Scientifically speaking, the most likely explanation of déjà vu is not that it is an act of "precognition" or "prophecy," but rather that it is an anomaly of memory giving the impression that an experience is "being recalled."

This explanation is substantiated by the fact that the sense of "recollection" at the time is strong in most cases, but that the circumstances of the "previous" experience (when, where, and how the earlier experience occurred) are quite uncertain. Likewise, as time passes, subjects can exhibit a strong recollection of having the "unsettling" experience of déjà vu itself, but little or no recollection of the specifics of the event(s) or circumstance(s) they were "remembering" when they had the déjà vu experience. In particular, this may result from an overlap between the neurological systems responsible for short-term memory (events which are perceived as being in the present) and those responsible for long-term memory (events which are perceived as being in the past). The events would be stored into memory before the conscious part of the brain even receives the information and processes it.

Another theory being explored is that of vision. As the theory suggests, one eye may record what is seen fractionally faster than the other, creating that "strong recollection" sensation upon the "same" scene being viewed milliseconds later by the opposite eye. However, this one fails to explain the phenomenon when other sensory inputs are involved, such as the auditive part, and especially the digital part. If one, for instance, experiences déjà vu of someone slapping the fingers on his left hand, then the déjà vu feeling is certainly not due to his right hand experiencing the same sensation later than his left hand considering that his right hand would never receive the same sensory input. Also, persons with only one eye still report experiencing déjà vu or déjà vécu (a rare disorder of memory, similar to persistent déjà vu). The global phenomenon must therefore be narrowed down to the brain itself (say, one hemisphere would be late compared to the other one).

Links with disorders: The strongest pathological association of déjà vu is with temporal lobe epilepsy.This correlation has led some researchers to speculate that the experience of déjà vu is possibly a neurological anomaly related to improper electrical discharge in the brain. As most people suffer a mild epileptic episode regularly (e.g. the sudden "jolt," a hypnagogic jerk, that frequently occurs just prior to falling asleep), it is conjectured that a similar (mild) neurological aberration occurs in the experience of déjà vu, resulting in an erroneous sensation of memory.

Pharmacology: Some pharmaceutical drugs, when taken together, have also been implicated in the cause of déjà vu. reported the case of an otherwise healthy male who started experiencing intense and recurrent sensations of déjà vu on taking the drugs amantadine and phenylpropanolamine together to relieve flu symptoms. Due to the dopaminergic action of the drugs and previous findings from electrode stimulation of the brain, Taiminen and Jääskeläinen speculate that déjà vu occurs as a result of hyperdopaminergic action in the mesial temporal areas of the brain. Many scientists are still working towards the actual link of déjà vu with hypnagogic epilepsy.

Memory-based explanations: Memory-based explanations may lead to the development of a number of non-invasive experimental methods by which a long sought-after analogue of déjà vu can be reliably produced that would allow it to be tested under well-controlled experimental conditions. Cleary (2008) suggests that déjà vu may be a form of familiarity-based recognition (recognition that is based on a feeling of familiarity with a situation) and that laboratory methods of probing familiarity-based recognition hold promise for probing déjà vu in laboratory settings. Another possible explanation for the phenomenon of déjà vu is the occurrence of "cryptamnesia," which is where information learned is forgotten but nevertheless stored in the brain, and occurrence of similar invokes the contained knowledge, leading to a feeling of familiarity because of the situation, event or emotional/vocal content, known as "déjà vu."