Monday, April 18, 2005


03:23:33 am

Coz we are gonna be... Forever you and me….
Always keep it flying high in the sky oh… love!!
-Lighthouse family on Swaragama

I dun no why tonight I feel so so comfort in my room... Listening to the radio or my play list... (Ritual that I never du for so long time)
Tonight I have Da Vinci Code; a cup of lemon tea and smallville soundtrack with me (for this one I’ve to thankx to mas oky…hekekekek)

wht are u duing now??

tadi malem bis nonton Kalila vs Aspac yg serunya naujubille ama mas Arief.. wah kami kepanasan en pegel2 smalem.. perlu pemijat neh!! Ada yg mau?? ;-)

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