Friday, June 30, 2006

new chapter

dear story,
I had begun my new chapter, get internship and work in tangerang. Find new family, friends and experiences. huff there's always laughs and cries.
here i have nice friends,, but theres no completely happy life in thiz world,, we must pay it with tears,, somehow,,,
getting so far with my boyfriend,, getting so far with family (i really mizz my sister right now,,) and somehow i have to be ready on being "alone" Juz positively think that, it will prepare me well 4 the next step of my life,,
now,,11 days to my last day in this company,,, u know, i never felt that thiz is a company whre i had lot of job, but it seems to be my third family after all... thank god that i have chance to be here,, all the chances, all the challenges, all the jobs delivered as we're family and friends,,, yes there sometimes stress in relationship, but never take so long,,
i dont know the first 1.5 month take so fast,, but now my friends keep counting the days, and that make feel annoyed, muy day become soooo looong,,,

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