Thursday, October 02, 2008

This Is Ied Fitri

This is Ied Fitri,

The time has come for us
to wipe out all the badthings
for one chance
to live happily ever after…
- dikutip dari The Pakubuwono Residence-

Ya Allah
thanks for giving me chance to see this precious moment
thanks for giving me chance to be here, in another part of my hometown
thanks for giving me chance to have other family in silaturahim

understand how precious a moment with family, when we're apart
Bapak, Ibu, please forgive my mistakes,
sorry that i'm not home.

Happy Ied Fitri, 1429 H
The holy and beautiful Syawal has come
There is no word proper to welcome it
Except the word of pray and forgiveness
And hope your worship accepted by Allah, The God of Merciful and the Beneficent

1 comment:

bram said...

Oh my, cannot imagine passing the Ied without your beloved ones on your very first year of working.

Never been happened to me..

I suggest you provide a webcam & unlimited internet access ma, so you can meet your fam & friends whenever you like...