Sunday, October 18, 2009

new spirit

Visiting negeri –senja inspire me to write on my blog. It reminds me when I start to read blog, fall in love, then write on my own. Some people now call it blogsphere, as the substitution to our atmosphere. No wonder blog is as comfort as our earth. Remember that I ever had inspiration on a blog, owned by atta’s Chinese friend, Alex. I copy one of his postings on this page, told bout egalitarian. Having blog just like having your own room, space, home, or whatever yours. And you can welcome your friend for visiting, feels nice…

U can imagine this :

Atta, indah sekali menikmati senja dengan secangkir kopi dari gazebo dipinggir sungai itu cuma senja..tidak ada hujan dan gerimis..

Thanks to all bloggers that I’ve visited to, keep on blogging.

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