Monday, August 17, 2009

Merdeka: Indonesia 64 tahun #IndonesiaUnite

Insisted to write this posting when watched Discovery channel this morning, found that this channel have special program for Malaysian independence day,called merdeka. Really unacceptable for me when they try to use this term, tough i believe malaysian know the meaning, but they never use this term for their independence day (or may be im the one that dunno bout it). Sooo I decide to support my country 64th independence day: 17 August , Merdeka!! (meaning: independence,freedom)
Just few weeks ago, Jakarta bombed (again) at famous public facility (JW Marriot hotel and Ritz Carlton hotel). Its an unforgiven crime for whatever reasons. Realizing the impact and purpose of that bombing, I join #IndonesiaUnite on my twitter network to spread the indonesian citizen spirit to all over the world, that "KAMI TIDAK TAKUT" (we are not affraid) to those bloody people. This bombing purposed to spread fear among Indonesian and otherz to live in Indonesia. But thats not gonna happen man.
So, happy independence day, Merdeka Indonesia!!

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